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Artur D. (AD01)

Artur is a very experienced worker in the construction industry. He started as a window and door fitter (2001-2004 Poland), mainly responsible for installation of windows, doors, and gates as well as assembly of various steel elements. He then moved to the UK where he worked as a roofer, bricklayer and finally steel fitter. He has experience in positioning and fitting together many parts of the structural metal. He assembled a lot of different models of garage doors and has great practical experience. His experience in fitting trapezoidal sheet metal - bolting and welding and assembly of Castorama / JYSK halls is noteworthy. Artur is able to cut and bind metal with tools like hammers, jacks, turnbuckles etc.
During his work in construction business he has gained experience in roof works - roofing felt (heat-welded roofing felt) - unfolding and burning with a burner. He also glued PVC membranes. He performed these works on commercial buildings, schools and public facilities.
Besides roofing works he has experience as a construction carpenter, bricklayer and interior finishing worker. He excellently performs work connected with metal and wooden constructions, bricklaying (using traditional and modern materials) and comprehensive interior finishing of buildings.
He has experience as a team leader and finds himself well in this role. He strongly emphasizes the fact that he is able to work while being supervised by somebody else as well. He reads technical drawings flawlessly. His level of English language is at a high level - C1. He is a communicative, conscientious and hardworking person. Artur treats work as his passion. He has great skills and he constantly continues to develop them. Projects he participated in were always carried out with the utmost care and accuracy.

Professional experience

TOTAL YEARS in branch: 19

Own construction services - United Kingdom as a Steel fitter / Carpenter / Roofer / Bricklayer
Own construction services - United Kingdom as a Steel fitter / Carpenter / Roofer / Bricklayer - 15 years Oknoplast - Poland as a Steel fitter / Carpenter - 3,5 years
Steel fitter
  • Installation of metal windows and doors
  • Installation of steel frames and trapezoidal sheets at Castorama / JYSK halls
  • Measuring steel elements of the construction
  • Positioning and alignment of fabricated parts of structural metals
  • Using correct tools to cut and bend metal
  • Installation of steel garage doors
  • Ordering supplies of necessary materials
  • Working in accordance with technical drawings
  • Working with trapezoidal sheet metal - bolting and welding, assembly of Castorama / JYSK halls
  • Laying roofing felt (heat-welded roofing felt) - unfolding and burning with a burner
  • Gluing PVC membranes
  • Making roof coverings from tiles, slates, sheets
  • Making roof coverings from heat-sealable membrane, resin, roofing felt
  • Lead processing
  • Construction of roof truss
  • Installation of roof insulation
  • Working in accordance with technical drawings
Construction carpenter
  • Construction of wooden roof structures
  • Construction and assembly of wooden elements
  • Installation of plasterboard walls and frames
  • Painting and filling of internal and external parts of the building
  • Installation of wooden windows and doors
  • Setting the foundations
  • Building constructions using bricks, concrete blocks and filled blocks
  • Installation of clinker facades
  • Construction of external walls
  • Assembly of insulation



Artur has a wide range of building skills. He is able to install steel constructions and is experienced as a fitter of garage doors (sectional, roller, sliding), windows and doors. He also assembles metal frames, trapezoidal sheet metal and other fabricated parts of structural metals. Artur is able to use jacks, turnbuckles, wedges, drift pins, pry bars, hammers, etc. in order to cut, bend, and straighten metal. He also does great carpentry work. He erects wooden constructions, builds roof trusses, assembles wooden elements. He is also experienced as a roofer, being able to create roof covering made of tiles, slates, heat-sealable roofing felt and membranes, epoxy resin and sheet metal. He processes chimneys with lead. He also perfectly performs bricklaying works (bricklaying with bricks, clinker and blocks, erecting walls) and interior finishing works (installation of plasterboard walls, insulation, painting and filling). In addition, he performs electrical finishing work, i.e. laying cables according to the plan. He reads technical drawing with ease. He has higher education in the construction industry, he works well as a leader. Artur owns Site Management Safety Training Scheme.


He worked on the construction site of the Palace of Polish Prince John Żyliński - the palace is valued at 28 million pounds. He also renovated private properties for him and was the security manager. Music and acting stars came to the Palace. He is ambitious and hardworking, he has gone through all levels of construction professions from a simple builder to a project manager.


English C1



Vocational school - Carpenter
College - Project manager


- Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) course
- Operation of power tools



Fishing is his greatest passion and he devotes a lot of his free time to it. He likes motorization as well - especially driving a BMW. His professional work is also his hobby, he erects and expands houses, attics and basements with passion. He loves spending time with his family.

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